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We are building a best-in-class decentralized exchange

Our team is comprised of true believers in decentralized finance, and the digital asset exchange we have built is just laying the groundwork for our vision of the quintessential non-custodial exchange.

Dolomite is stacked with features — offchain order books makes order submission instant (and free), open long and short positions with up to 5x leverage, deposit and withdraw US dollars by connecting a bank account, and much more all packaged in a beautiful interface.

That's not all

Traders need more than an exchange, they need a way to track their holdings — and they needn't look far.

Meet our comprehensive portfolio manager

We are one of the top users of Infura as we have indexed every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain to bring to light a powerful portfolio management suite.

Access token balances, transactions and trades with cost basis, and a value-over-time chart for every Ethereum address that has and will ever exist.

Our Team

Corey Caplan

CEO, Co-Founder Linkedin

Adam Knuckey

COO, Co-Founder Linkedin

Zachary Rubenstein

Vice President Engineering

Matt Herwig

Backend Engineer

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